Step-By-Step Guide To Building Apps With Azure And #AzureStack

Building and deploying a hybrid cloud platform for your applications will make it easier for you and your business to build new applications that will add to the business’s topline. We continue to make progress on bringing Azure Stack to market and announced the third Technical Preview yesterday. We know many customers are eager to get started building solutions and applications for Azure and Azure Stack. We’ve put together a few tools and resources that can help them begin their work on Azure Stack now, so that they can be ready when Azure Stack is generally available later this year.
We’re going to walk through the flow at a high level and provide some links to resources for anyone who wants to get going. Generally speaking, you need to: 1) get access to Azure; 2) Setup Azure Stack; 3) Get tools and configure policies in Azure; and 4) Start working.
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Happy Azure Coding!