Integrating ASP.NET Web Application In IIS

Let's start learning how we can integrate web application in IIS.

Build your web site by right clicking on your web application in Solution explorer.

On successful build, click Publish Web Site.
Provide the target location for published file.
Target Folder:
On successfully publishing.
Copy published file into inetpub\wwwrooot.


Now, open IIS Manager.
Go to site.

Right  click on site and Add Web Site.

Add Web Site dialog box opens, now provide site name and physical path where precompiled(published ) file is located in wwwroot.

Set Connect As Specific user:

Provide credentials of specific user.

Set port.

Now we can see our website home over here.

Check the status of website at Application pool. 

Go to Application pool, Advanced Settings. Set .NET Framework Version and Identity user to whom admin rights are allowed. 

 We can set Identity for custom account in Advance Settings as in the following screenshot:
 Provide credentials as authentication.
Go to bindings and check binding details. In this application we do not provide hostname, therefore there is no hostname.
Go to Directory Browsing. Here Directory browsing was already enabled, I disabled it. That is why you can see an alert message showing that Directory Browsing is disabled. Now enable Directory Browsing and click Apply.
We can set  default (startup) page. Go to website home and select Default Document.
Here we are adding Home.aspx as our default page.
 Now Restart the service as follows.
Finally we are all set to browse our website in local IIS.
Click on Browse and we can see our website url here:

In this section, we learned the integration of ASP.NET Web Application In IIS.
Happy Learning !  

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