C# Corner Delhi Chapter Meet Official Recap: 18 Jan, 2014

The C# Corner Delhi Chapter organized its monthly event "C# Corner Delhi Chapter Meet" at MCN Solutions Pvt. Ltd. NOIDA, India on 18 Jan, 2014. The event was named: "Learn MVC, Multi Threading, Unit Testing and WCF".

We sincerely recognize the commitment and contributions of our chapter sponsors who have provided a substantial help in the growth and success of the C# Corner Chapters.


The first event of the new year is always a big occasion and so was this one. The session featured four Microsoft MVPs as speakers and more than 200 attendees registered for this full day hands-on lab event.


Expose CRUD Operation as WCF Services Dhananjay Kumar 11:00 AM - 01:00 PM
Get hands on Threading in C-Sharp Suchit Khanna 01:00 PM - 02:00 PM
Learn to do Unit Testing of your code using NUnit Amit Chaudhary 02:30 PM - 03:30 PM
CRUD Operation on ASP.NET MVC Brij Mishra 03:30 PM - 05:00 PM

It was yet another one of the coldest days of the Delhi/NCR and the continuously falling temperatures made it tough for all of us, but it could not prevent the ever excited and eager-to-learn attendees to pour into the hall for yet another session at the C# Corner Delhi Chapter Meet.

It all started superbly with Dhananjay Kumar, Speaker and Mentor C# Corner started the session with. Then the rest of the speakers followed and we eventually had a mind blowing day of learning and sharing.

The top-notch experience of the speakers helped the attendees dodge many obstacles. They thoroughly enjoyed the day until the end. The session went on for an extra couple of hours, but the attendees remained glued to their seats as the free flow of knowledge was at its best. Then there was C# Corner T-shirts on offer for the attendees and they grabbed the opportunity with both hands.

A feedback session also took place where the Delhi Chapter's future plans were also discussed. Then it was time for introducing the C# Corner Annual Conference 2014 page to the attendees.


        Dhananjay Kumar taking a session on: "Expose CRUD Operation as WCF Services"

Video of Dhananjay Kumar's session-

Resources from talk "Expose CRUD operation as WCF SOAP and REST

                     Suchit Khanna during his Session: "Get hands on Threading in C-Sharp"

   Amit Choudhary took a session on: "Learn to do Unit Testing of your code using NUnit"
Article on Amit Choudhary's session- 

           Brij Bhushan Mishra takes his session on: "CRUD Operation on ASP.NET MVC"
You can download the PPT from attachment and demo from here.

                                       C# Corner goodies given away to attendees

                                    Attendees and Speakers together

And with all this the action packed day ended with a thanking note from Dhananjay Kumar. Many thanks to all the speakers and attendees who made the event a successful one.