Configure SharePoint 2013 Search To Crawl Files In Shared Folder

The following steps will guide you how to configure SharePoint 2013 to Shared Folder.

Step 1: Go to Central Administration, Service Application, then Manage Service Application.

Manage Service Application

Step 2: Click Search Service Application.

Click Search Service Application

Step 3: Click Content Source.

Step 4: Click New Content Source on top of the link bar.

Search Service Application

Step 5: Use this page to Add, Edit or Delete Content Source and to Manage Crawls. Click New Content Source.

Content Source Type

Select what type of Content will be crawls.

Note: This cannot be changed after this content source is created because other settings depend on it.

Start Addresses

Type the URL from which the search system should start crawling.

Click New Content Source

search system should start crawling

Step 6:
Click OK to perform a full crawl of this content source.

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