New Board Arduino Mo Has Arrived


Arduino Pro Mo is a new development board. It has a 32-bit microcontroller and the new feature of integrated debugging. This card is an extension of the known Arduino Uno, with the same size and position of the header, but with a more powerful heart, a Cortex Mo +. With a clock speed of 48 MHz, a larger 256KB flash and core 32bit, this card is among the best boards im the market to MCU, but the real revolution is its integration aboard the controller for debugging.

The development board Arduino Mo Pro is equipped with an Atmel microcontroller ATSAMD21G18 based on an ARM core Cortex Mo + 32-bit. The D21G18A has a flash memory of 256 Kb (4 of which are occupied by the bootloader), 32 Kb of SRAM and operates at a frequency of 48 MHz. This core provides Arduino Pro Mo with high flexibility, increasing the range of possible projects to be implemented, such as wearable devices, Internet of Things (IOT), high-tech automation, robotics and more. A fundamental characteristic that makes this device unique in the Arduino family is that the debugger is embedded in the card edge (EDBG), which eliminates the need for additional hardware. EDBG (Embedded Debugger) provides streaming data between the PC and MCU. In addition to programming and debugging using Atmel Studio, it also supports a virtual COM port to program the device in the functionality of the Arduino bootloader.

Another feature in contrast to the Arduino Uno (that has an operating voltage of 5V), this microcontroller supports only 3.3V, an operating voltage that is adapting to the new standards required by the latest devices such as ESP8266.

The Mo has two USB ports. The first one is called "Native", which is connected directly to the MCU. As in the Arduino Micro board, it is used for programming via the IDE and to be easily connected to external devices such as phones, tablets, cameras and so on, thus allowing implementation of various applications in which the card can communicate with the devices most disparate. The second USB port is called "Programming", connected directly to the controller EDBG and  used for programming and debugging of SAMD21G18A.


Microcontroller ATSAMD21G18, 48pins LQFP
Powe supply 3.3V
Pins Digital I / O 14, con 12 PWM e UART
Pins analogic input 6, 12-bit ADC channels
Pin analogic output 1, 10-bit DAC
Current Max for Pin O/I 7 mA
Memory Flash 256 KB
Sram 32 KB
Eeprom fino a 16KB for emulation
Frequency of clock 48 MHz


This is only a preview. In the next article, we will start using this board, starting with installing all the drivers necessary for communicating with the Arduino Mo and continuing with the features available.

Stay tuned!

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