Libraries in SharePoint 2010


In this article we can focus on Libraries which are the document management repositories in SharePoint 2010.  The previous article should have given a good overview of the Document Management features of SharePoint.

Step 1:  Now we can create a library.  A library represents a collection of documents.  For example a Document library, PDF library etc.

  • Click on the Libraries item from the left pane.


Step 2:  After that you will get the following screen.


Step 3:  Click the Create button to get the following dialog.


Step 4:  Select the Library option from the left pane, then choose Document Library from the middle pane and enter the name on the right pane. Click the Create button to continue.You will get the progress screen as shown below.


Step 5: Now you are ready with the document library created.


Step 6: Click the Add document button to start adding documents to the library.


Step 7: Choose a document and click the Ok button. Your new file will be listed in the document library as shown below.

fig 7.gif

Step 8: For deleting a particular library, the steps are similar to deleting a list. Open the library, click the Library Settings option and use the Delete the document library option as shown below.


Summary : In this article we have explored Libraries in SharePoint. There are many more templates to explore in the Library section.

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