SharePoint 2013 Publishing Feature

Publishing Feature

SharePoint Publishing feature enables the following to enable better Content Management:

  • Content Approval where an author will create content, approver will approve it & viewers will consume it.

  • Page Layouts where custom page layouts with WYSIWYG capability will be provided for creating content.

Once the feature is enabled the following will be created automatically:

  1. Publishing site template
  2. Permission Groups
  3. Pages library

Enable Feature

SharePoint Server Publishing Infrastructure feature need to be enabled in the Site Collection features.

Enable Featur

Once enabled, you can create new site using the Publishing template.

New Site

Once the Publishing feature is enabled, you will get the Publishing template.

publishing site

The publishing site instance is shown below.


You can see that the Pages library too created.

Site content

The following new permission groups added.

new permission


Publishing sites are not replacement for Team sites. Both provides its own features & functionalities.



In this article we have explored about the Publishing feature of SharePoint 2013. In the upcoming article we can explore more on the functionalities of publishing site.

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