How to Create a new Windows Phone 8 Application

This article explains how to create a new Windows Phone application and how to show Hello World.

First of all you need to install the Software Development Kit (SDK) from the web site. Here is the link.

Windows Phone SDK 8.0

If you need the Service Pack then you should download it from the web site.

Step 1: Now open Visual Studio 2012 and select "File" -> "New" -> "Project...".

WindowsPhone App in Visual Studio

Step 2: Choose your OS level. If you need a lower level OS then you can change it from the ComboBox. The other OS is Windows Phone OS 7.1. I just want to use this version.

Windows Phone OS

Step 3: Here is the Windows Phone Emulator.

Windows Phone Emulator

In the same page you will see the XAML code.

xaml codes

And then you see that I used the MainPage.xaml.


Now we want to see "Hello Windows Phone App".

Hello Windows Phone App

Number 1: Drag and drop the Button control.

Number 2: Change the Content name.

Number 3: Right-click the Click control and the "navigate the event handler".

Now we should look at the code behind.

navigate the event handler
And then the run emulator.

Run emulator


This is great; we display the result.

display the result