Introducing Various Project Templates in Visual Studio 2013 RC


There are many various types of project templates available in Visual Studio 2013. The Windows Azure Mobile Service Project Template has been added to the latest Visual Studio 2013 Release Candidate update. I am introducing the total project templates that are totally updated with new features in this article. There are a total of 7 project templates available in the latest Visual Studio 2013 RC update, given below:

  • Empty Project Template
  • Web Forms Project Template
  • MVC Project Template
  • Web API  Project Template
  • Single Page Application Project Template
  • Facebook Project Template
  • Windows Azure Mobile Service Project Template


The project templates.

Start Page

The following screenshot shows the updated Visual Studio 2013 start page with the Release Candidate update:

Visual Studio 2013 Start Page

Overview of Project Templates

The project templates defined in the Visual Studio 2013 RC mentioned below:

Empty Project Template

This project template is based on a web application with very few contents, such as Properties and References. As the name indicates this is an empty template. There is no authentication applicable in this template.

Empty Project Template in VS 2013

Web Forms Project Template

The Web Forms Project template provides the WYSIWYG designer to build the websites quickly. Normally, the application based on this template requires less effort then creating the same application based on the MVC Project template.

Web Forms Project Template in VS 2013

We can change the authentication when developing the application in this project template. There are various types of authentication available, like Individual, Organizational and Windows Authentication. As you know that the Bootstrap is used to show the view so that in the latest version the Bootstrap is also upgraded.

Appplication Page in Web Forms Template

MVC Project Template

This project template is designed to work with the pattern-based application. MVC stands for Model, View and Controller with which we can easily manage the complex and large web applications because in it the business logic layer and presentation layer are different.

MVC Project Template in VS 2013

The MVC project template enables the complete control over the application because with it we can do exactly what the application does and how it behaves in the environment. This updated Visual Studio has the latest MVC 5.1 version that uses the latest Bootstrap to provide the responsive interface of the application page. In here we also change the authentication. Review the following HomePage of MVC 5.1.1 (upgraded version) web application:

Mvc Application Home Page

Web API Project Template

This project template is used to create the web service that includes the API based on the MVC. We can create the HTTP service that reaches the broad range of clients, browsers and mobiles are also included. The RESTful services can also be created with this template.

Web API Project Template in VS 2013

The upgraded version of this template is in Web API 2.1.1.

Single Page Application Project Template

This SPA template creates the web application. The web application uses ASP.NET Web API on the server and HTML 5, JavaScript and Knockout Js on the client. You can find improvements on the next release of Visual Studio because it is still under development. We can only use an Individual User Account in this template.

SPA Project Template in VS 2013

When we debug the application, the following page will opened:

SPA Application in VS 2013

Facebook Project Template

This project template is designed to implement the web application inside the Facebook site. This is based on the MVC and Web API for real-time update functionality.

This Facebook template runs within the Facebook web site so that there is no authentication available for creating the application. We can create the application from selecting the following template in the One ASP.NET wizard:

Facebook Project Template in VS 2013

Windows Azure Mobile Service Project Template

This is the new entry in the One ASP.NET Wizard. You can find this project template after upgrading your Visual Studio 2013 through Released Candidate.

Windows Azure Mobile Service Project Template

We can create a Mobile Service oriented web application project in .NET. It is a customized ASP.NET Web API project with additional Mobile Service NuGet packages with the sample controllers. Now using this we can develop the rich cloud applications.

Start with Azure Mobile Service


This article introduced the various project templates with their updated versions and a brand new project template named Windows Azure Mobile Services in Visual Studio 2013. Thanks for reading and Stay Updated.