Real Life Example Of SharePoint 2013 InfoPath With Repeating Table

Suppose we are planning to have Product selling site where single user can sell multiple products. In this case we need user entry form which contains users personal information along with list of products which he/she wants to sell.

Step 1: Create InfoPath Form

Open InfoPath Designer. In this example we are going to create InfoPath for SharePoint Form Library.

Step 2: ADD New Field’s

InfoPath Design form give us provision for adding field into it. We can manually add field on form. After form get publish those fields will act as column for Form Library.

As shown in image click on Add button, new dialog box appears on screen which asks for Name, Data Type and Type, etc.

In this example we need 4 fields for user entry as given below.

Name(Text), ContactNo(Text), Address(Rich Text), CreatedDate(Date).

Step 3: Repeating Table control

In order to insert Repeating table on form, click area where you want to insert table on form. Click on Controls section at top navigation bar which allow selection of form controls.

Step 4: New Group Creation

When repeating table is added on page, new group is getting created for this table to add fields.

As per requirement, give proper names to group and fields as well.

Final Look

Step 5: Publish the InfoPath Form

We are going to publish this form to SharePoint Form library as shown below.

Publishing wizard – It ask for site URL where you want to publish the InfoPath form

Create New Form Library or use existing – Next dialog box ask for creation of new form library or usage of existing library.

New Form Library Details: In this example we are going to create new from library so enter the details.

New Library Columns: Add columns from InfoPath form to New form Library.

Step 6: New Form Library Creation

New library is created at site level.

Go to library and click on add new item button.

InfoPath form open in browser as shown below.

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