Site Templates Part 13: Enterprise Wiki in SharePoint 2013 and Office 365

Welcome to the 13th Site template, Enterprise Wiki in SharePoint 2013 and Office 365, this will be the parts of my article stating “Site Templates in SharePoint 2013/Office 365”here we will see what the components available are. We will see what Enterprise Wiki template provides us.

Click on create a new site, the following form opens.

  • Title and Description:

  • Web Site Address: Here you can make it different from your default site name.

  • Template Selection: Here you have an option to select the language and to choose a site from a template having many options.

    Here in this article we will be seeing Publishing Site with Workflow under publishing group so select it.

    Template Selection

  • Permissions: Here you can assign permission to the site directly, either by inheriting the permissions from the parent or assigning it unique permissions.

  • Navigation Inheritance: Using this option you can inherit the same navigation as your parent site.

    Navigation Inheritance

  • Click on Create, It will create the site.

Welcome to the Enterprise Wiki, as in the screen below we can see the Home Page of the Enterprise Wiki.

Let's see what it has for us.


Why we should use Enterprise Wiki

Use the Enterprise Wiki to create a single, go-to place for knowledge sharing and project management across the enterprise. Enterprise Wikis are simple to use, flexible and lightweight in features. They are quick and easy to create and you can easily add links to other information systems, corporate directories or applications.

By using an Enterprise Wiki, you can avoid email overload, provide structure to new and existing information and encourage collaboration. This helps build consensus among team members.

Working with content, text, graphics or video, is as easy as working in any word processing application, such as Microsoft Word. Use the Rich Text Editor to enhance the formatting of content, apply styles to text, reorganize or spell check your content, insert and format tables and embed graphics or video. You can do all these things without leaving the wiki page.

Other things you can do when working with Enterprise Wikis:

  • Collaborate on wiki pages with other users.

  • Comment on a wiki page to enable discussion about the contents of the page.

  • Rate a wiki page to share your opinion about its content.

  • Categorize wiki pages to enable users to quickly find information and share it with others.

Site Contents

Site Content

Here we have the contents of the site that consists of:

  1. Documents: It is a library that contains all the documents in the site.

  2. Images: It is a library that contains all the images in the site.

  3. Pages: It stores all the pages of the site.

  4. Power BI: Microsoft provides comprehensive BI tools that integrate across Office applications and other Microsoft technologies. These tools enable analysis, reporting, dashboards and visualizations.

  5. Workflow Tasks: It stores all the tasks in the site.

Site Settings

Finally we can see the site settings that you can see from the previous blogs on Site Settings in SharePoint 2013 at C# Corner.

Here it was an Enterprise Wiki Site. Until then, Keep Learning.