Edit Right-Click Context Menu in Windows 8


The right-click or Context Menu is a pop-up menu that appears when you right-click on any file or folder. The Context Menu provides many options for easily sending, copying, cutting etc. to a selected file or folder from one place to another place.

In this article we are going to explain how to add and remove items from the right-click Context Menu. In Windows the right-click Context Menu provides a shortcut way to work with any file immediately. There are several options that exist in the Context Menu such as "Send To" , "Open with" etc. But if you want to add another option such as "Move To", "Copy To" in the right-click menu then you can custom-create an item for the Context Menu.

Step 1

Go in "Search box" and type "Run" and click on the application that appears or press "Win key + R".


Step 2

In the run window type "REGEDIT" and click "OK".


Step 3

A "Registry Editor" window will be opened; in this window click on "Computer".


Step 4

In this step go on  "HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT > * > Shellex > ContextMenuHandlears ".


Step 5

In this step right-click on "ContextMenuHandlears" and select "Key" from the "New" option.


Step 6

In this step enter your item name. If you want to delete any item then simply select the item and right-click and select "Delete".


Step 7

In this step select the new item and go to "default" in the next tab and right-click on this and select "Modify".


Step 8

In this step copy the following code and paste it into the "Value data" and click "OK".

If you want to create a "Move To" option than use this code:


If you want to create a "Copy To" option then use this code:



Step 9

Now go to the Desktop screen and right-click on any file or folder and the "Move To" item will be displayed.


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