How to Install Windows 8 From USB Flash Drive


Windows 8 is a new version of the Windows Operating System developed by Microsoft for use on personal computers and other devices. To use Windows 8 you must install it on your computer. There are many ways by which we can install Windows 8 on your computer. You can install Windows 8 onto a bootable DVD and you can install Windows 8 using a USB drive.

If you want to install Windows 8 using a USB drive then you need the help of the Windows 7 USB DVD tool and USB Flash Drive. The Flash Drive must be a minimum of 4GB. The Windows 7 USB DVD Tool is a small tool that is used to convert an .ISO image format to a bootable format. The bootable media may be CD drive or USB Flash Drive.

You can download the Windows 7 USB DVD tool from this link:

How to make a bootable USB Flash drive.

Step 1

Download the Windows 7 USB DVD Tool and Run this program as Administrator; see:


Step 2

Follow the installation procedures.


Step 3

After installation a Windows 7 USB DVD Tool Icon will be displayed on the Desktop screen. Right-click on this Icon and Run as Administrator.


Step 4

In this step select the .ISO image file from "Browse" and click on "Next".


Step 5

In this step click on "USB drive" as a media type.


Step 6

In this step select USB drive and click on "Begin Copying".


Step 7

The process to create a bootable drive will be started; wait a few minutes.


Step 8

After completing the process close this window and now you can use your USB Flash Drive as a bootable drive to install Windows 8 using USB Flash drive.



To install Windows 8 follow this link: