Encrypt Files and Folders With EFS in Windows 8


In this article we explain how to easily encrypt files and folders with EFS in Windows 8.

Procedure to Encrypt Files and Folders with EFS

Step 1

First we select the Folder or File you wish to encrypt, then right-click and select "Properties."


Step 2

When the properties window opens, we go to the General Tab, then click "Advanced."


Step 3

Check the box "Encrypt contents" to secure data and click "OK."


Step 4

Then we click the "OK" tab.


Step 5

If we want to encrypt a folder, Windows will ask if you want to encrypt just the single folder or all subfolders and files in the folder. So click the radio button that works for you and click "OK".


Step 6

By default, after encrypting a file or folder with Windows EFS, it will turn green as shown below.


Step 7

Because I chose to encrypt all sub-folders and files, notice how they are also encrypted (green) as well.