How to Change the My Site Host Location in Sharepoint 2013

Use the following procedure.

Step 1

Go to Central Administration -> Application Management.

application management

Step 2

After doing this, the Application Management Page will display on your screen. Then click on Manage Service Application inside Service Applications.

Next click on User Profile Service inside Service Applications.

User Profile Service
Step 3

After doing this, the Manage Profile Service: User Profile Service page will display on your screen. Then click on Setup My Sites inside My Site Settings.

Step 4 
When you click on Setup My Sites, the My Site Settings page will open and you must specify the URL of My Site in the My Site Host location field and press the OK button that you want to open after clicking on About Me.

my site host location

Step 5

After doing that entire procedure, when you access any site collection and click on About Me then My Site will be opened.

about me 

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