Online Shopping Website In ASP.NET- Open Source Project


In this project I am showing a shopping cart website. This ASP.NET web application is the result of my 6 month industrial training project. I am not a professional developer. I am a beginner-level developer. I developed this just because I have so much love and passion for web development. I am initially showing only three categories of products on this site; they are mobile, laptop and car. For the user to use this site they must have an account; for that a registration page has been provided. The website has 2 views, 1 for the user and one for administration. The admin has special rights, like he can add products and delete products. The flow of the application is like this; the user is presented with a product; if the product is of interest to the user then the user must click the detail; after clicking the detail the user has all the details of the product and he has two options, one for directly buying the product and another for adding the product to the cart for future checkout.

I made this project in .NET 4.0 and using SQL Server 2008 R2 for the database The database file is present in the app_code folder. For running this project, just attach the shopping.mdf file to a database server and change the connection string into the Web.config file.

login page

Login page

home page

Home page

detail page

Detail page

cart page

Cart page

registration page

Registration page

contact us page

Contact us page

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