Digital Asset Library in SharePoint 2010

In this article I am describing the new feature in SharePoint 2010 called Digital asset library. This is a new library added to SharePoint 2010 for keeping our digital assets like video, images, mp3 etc The New Digital Asset Management feature in SharePoint 2010 provides a special central repository to store and manage digital assets like image, audio, or video file. This enables organizations with enhanced control over the digital assets and prevents unauthorized access to its contents by effectively managing these assets.

How to create a Digital Asset Library

1. We can start with creating a Digital Asset library.

2. Go to your Create page.

3. From the Library select Asset Library


4. Give a name for your Asset Library and Click Create

5. clicking Add new Item


6. You will get a popup as shown below, Please upload an image


7. I have uploaded a Video. You can see the video file is shown as an icon


8. Just click on the icon. You will get a popup as shown below


9. Click on Play. You can see the Nice player opens the video on the popup


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