Export SharePoint 2010 List to Access, Visio and Project

In the below example I am showing you a new Exporting feature in SharePoint 2010.With 2007 version we have flexibility to export to excel or edit in Data Sheet only. Now it is improved a lot. Let's see more details about it in this article

Now SharePoint 2010 list can be exported to the below formats.
  • VISIO Diagram
  • Open With Access
  • Open In Project Server
For the demo I have created a Task list .If you look at the List Ribbon you can find out the below options


Export to VISIO Diagram

If you choose to export to VISIO SharePoint will create a data driven Pivot Diagram consisting of three sheets: Task Status, Workload Distribution and Incomplete Tasks by Assigned TO. But here we have only one way synchronization only. Means if we do any changes in VISIO it won't be get reflected in SharePoint list.

Open With Access

If you choose this option you will be prompted with a popup as shown below


Once click OK you will get another popup asking if  you want to link the data or not, so you can have a two way sync between Access and SharePoint.


Open in Project Server

Using this option you can open the list in Microsoft Project and can work with the data. Here we have two way sync between SharePoint list and Project 2010. We can now change tasks within Project 2010 and then have them updated in SharePoint 2010.

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