How to deploy InfoPath form in SharePoint as browser enabled Form

In this article I am describing about how Taking Advantage of XML Form Web Part in SharePoint and office InfoPath form which is an XML form Builder. This is the second part of my article named Connect InfoPath form to web service and deploy it to SharePoint

In a Form Library click on the Settings menu and choose Form Library Settings


In the General Settings section, click on the Advanced Settings


Publish InfoPath Form in SharePoint Form Library

To publish InfoPath Form in to SharePoint Form Library follow the steps below

Select File->Publish, it will open publishing Wizard


Select where we want to publish Form and click on Next (Sine we are going to deploy in SharePoint Form library please select To a SharePoint server with or without InfoPath Forms Services)


Enter the location of SharePoint site where we are going to Publish form


Select enable this form to be filled out by using browser to publish the form in browser


Save the form in your local drive .since that saved template should be uploaded SharePoint Administrator and to be activate for this particular site


Click on publish so that form Template will be deployed in SharePoint Form Library


Upload InfoPath Form Template in SharePoint

InfoPath With managed code should be verified and uploaded in SharePoint Application Management and should be activated for the Form published Site collection.

Navigate to Central Administration > Application Management


Select Upload form template under InfoPath form Services


Browse to the Form template and click on verify. Since it helps in detecting error in template
Click on the Template and activate the form for the particular site collection on which you want to publish it.

XML Form Web Part

To enable XMLformView Web Part to a Site Collection add the below line to the web config file of the particular Site collection

<SafeControl Assembly="Microsoft.Office.InfoPath.Server, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=71e9bce111e9429c" Namespace="Microsoft.Office.InfoPath.Server.Controls" TypeName="XmlFormView" Safe="True" AllowRemoteDesigner="True"/>

Select Site action ->Site Settings


To populate XMLFormWebPart to web part gallery


Click New

Check Microsoft.Office.InfoPath.Server.Controls.AMLFormView and click on Populate Gallery


Go to Edit Mode ->Add Web Part-> select XMLFormView and clilck on Add to populate XMLformView in the Page.

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