Setup PIN Logon in Windows 8

In Windows 8 we have the three password options:

  1. Live Account Password (works like normal password)
  2. Picture Password
  3. PIN Password.

In this article we will see how to setup a PIN Password.

A PIN Password works like an ATM (Automated Teller Machine) Password; you just need to press 4 keys (digits only) and you are done. Let's see how to set it up.

Use the following steps.

Step 1

On the default Metro Style home window, click on "Control Panel" and then select "Users". Alternatively, if you are on the Desktop, just move your mouse to the bottom-right side then click on "Settings" and then at the bottom click on "Change PC Settings" and in the Metro App that opens click on "Users":



Step 2

Now if you click on "Users" you will see the following screen:


In the Metro window, click on "Create a PIN"; you will be asked to enter the existing password (probably the Windows Live account password) to proceed:


Once you enter the existing password, you will get a screen to enter your PIN (4 digit PIN). Click on the OK button and you are done:


Now sign out and check it.

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