Error "The Operation Could Not be Completed" in InfoPath 2010

In this article you will see how to resolve the error "The operation could not be completed" when trying to create a new connection to access the SharePoint site in InfoPath 2010.


I tried to use the SharePoint List form template to access the SharePoint list (to customize the SharePoint list form) in InfoPath. In the Data Connection Wizard I entered the site collection URL (http://serverName:12345/sites/InfopathSiteLab) and then clicked on the "Next" button.


I was getting the following error:



When you try to access the SharePoint site, ensure that there is a root site in the web application. For example I tried to access the site collection http://serverName:12345/sites/InfopathSiteLab. Ensure the root site http://serverName:12345/ is available in the web application.


  1. Open Central Administration.
  2. Click on Application Management.
  3. Click on View all site collections and select the web application from the drop down check whether the root site collection is available http://serverName:12345.
  4. If the root site is not available then click on Application Management and then click on Create site collection that is available under Site Collections.
  5. Create the root site and then try to create a new connection in the InfoPath form; you will be able to create it successfully.


Thus in this article we have seen how to resolve the error "The Operation could not be completed" in InfoPath 2010.

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