How to Convert Word Document to PDF Using NINTEX Workflow in SharePoint


In this article you will see how to convert a Word document to PDF using a NINTEX workflow in SharePoint. I have a team site in which a "Shared Documents" document library is available. I will show you how to convert the Word document (.docx) to PDF by running the NINTEX workflow for the document.


  1. Ensure the "Word Automation Service" application is configured in the Central Administration.
  2. Ensure the Word Automation Service is started in the Central Administration.

Workflow Design

Workflow Design

A regular expression action is used to get the item URL and replace the .docx to .pdf and store the destination URL in the workflow variable. The convert document action converts the source document to PDF.


The following procedure will convert to a PDF workflow:

  1. Navigate to the Shared Documents.
  2. Click on the "Library" tab and then click on "Workflow Settings".
  3. Click on "Create a Workflow in Nintex Workflow".
  4. Click on "Cancel".

    Create a Workflow

  5. Drag and drop the "Regular Expression" action from the "Operations" section.

    Regular expression action

  6. Click on "Configure" from the drop down list in the "Regular Expression" action.
  7. Click on the "Variables" button.

    Variable Button

  8. Click on the "New" button.

    New Button

  9. Enter the variable name as "destinationURL" and select the variable type as "Single line of text".
  10. Click on "Save".
  11. The variable is created successfully.

    Variable Created

  12. In the Regular Expression action we need to replace docx with pdf from the ItemUrl.

    Regular expression

  13. Store the result in the workflow variable "destinationURL" that we created.

    workflow variable destinationURL

  14. Click on "Save".
  15. Drag and drop the "Convert" document action from the "Libraries and lists" section.
  16. Click on "Configure" from the drop down list.
  17. Configure the values for the action as shown below

    Configure the values for action

  18. Click on "Save".

Publish the workflow

  1. Click on the "Publish" button in the ribbon interface.


  2. Ensure the Title is set; optionally you can set the values for Description and Change Comments.

    Description and Change Comments

  3. Click on the "Submit" button.

    Submit Button
  4. The workflow is published successfully.

    workflow published

Test the workflow

  1. Navigate to the Shared Documents.
  2. Select the document and then click on "Workflows" in the ribbon interface.

    Workflows in the ribbon interface

  3. Click on "Convert to PDF workflow" and then click on the "Start" button.

    Convert to PDF workflow

  4. After a few minutes the workflow status will be changed to "Completed".
  5. The converted PDF document is created successfully as shown below.

    converted PDF document


Thus in this article you saw how to convert a Word document to PDF using NINTEX workflow in SharePoint.

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