How and What to Test in an ECommerce Site

A site designed in eCommerce should be mainly customer-focused and only then will it be reached and liked by a maximum-sized audience. The customer should get what they require easily, resulting in instant purchasing as well as visiting repeatedly. Let us explain the areas where testers should focus with the developed eCommerce site in this article.

Basically we will be doing functionality testing as well as non-functionality testing here and both play a vital role in the eCommerce site. We will see about one-by-one in-depth testing.

Functional testing

In an eCommerce site, when it's opened by a customer, the main page is the home page that describes all about the company to the client. This is also an important page for the eCommerce site to show what all the specialties and features are and what they are supplying and how they are supplying and so on. So we have to test the following links in the home page.

Main Page

  • Test Home page
  • Test About us page
  • Test Contact Us page
  • Test Featured product page
  • Test Categories
  • Test Special offer page
  • Test Quick view of the products.
  • Test clicking the eCommerce site logo whether it redirects to home page.
  • Test search button.
  • Test Marquees running on the home page whether it works properly.

Category Page

  • Test the product's short description with images.
  • Test filters and search for the required products in the category.
  • Test sorting of products using the price, product and sub-category
  • Test “Add to cart” and check whether the product has been added into the cart.
  • Click “View Cart” from the added product and check that the link works.
  • Test “Add to wish list” whether it is not adding into the “cart” and it has been added into the “wish list”.
  • The products should be sorted in the order of Available to Unavailable.

Detail Page

  • Check for product image.
  • Check for product name.
  • Check for product detailed description
  • Test with the “Magnifier” function whether the product images are enlarged and viewed.
  • Test with various angles and the color of images of the product.
  • Check for the related products links below.
  • Test with the “Add to cart” functionality.
  • Check for the price and discount price if any.
  • Check for the “EMI” option available and calculated correctly for that specific product depending on the bank's taxes.
  • Check for any video available about the products.
  • Check for the competitors price and offers compared and displayed.
  • Show the customer's feedback on the respected products that they have purchased, displayed by stars.

Checkout page

  • Test whether the added products are visible in the Checkout page.
  • Test all the additional charges, shipping charges or any other hidden charges in the products selected.
  • Test whether the stock levels of the products are showing if those are in a very few running fast.
  • Check whether the update quantity field is located nearby every product selected and test the update quantities of products as well as delete products.
  • Test whether the increase in quantity of products calculates correct charges in the cart.
  • Test whether an estimated delivery time is shown.
  • Test whether shipping is free or that there is a charge for shipping also.
  • Test whether the system is allowing guest to checkout without creating or logging in with a private account.
  • Test whether if a customer has login his details are pre-populated during his next purchase.
  • Test whether various modes of payments are available and all area active.
  • Test whether the exact pincode for delivery is validated so that the products will be processed for shipping to the customer's location.
  • Test whether all the fields are validated properly.
  • Test whether a final validation or confirmation is kept to validate the addresses and that the details are confirmed from the customers.
  • Test whether the purchased products price calculations are done correctly.
  • Test the “Thank you purchasing message” is displayed once the order is successful.
  • Test for exception handling during a transaction error whether the products are sold out or else cancelled. This is very important in an eCommerce site.

Similarly the following things are also needed:

  • It must be responsive.
  • It must be supported for mobile users also.
  • It must work well in all the browsers and operating systems.
  • We must test all the social media links and the contents.
  • We must check seasonal marquees are removed at times and it is functioning accoring to the latest db.

This is a small overview of how and what to test in an eCommerce site basically.

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