Qualities of a Quality Analyst

If software must have quality, then before that the quality analyst testing the quality should definitely have some qualities. That is what we will explain in this article. There are certain qualities where some testers are deficient and this article can help them in becoming a good professional tester.

Quality Analyst

Let us explain them one by one here.

Show Attitude wherever permitted

Show Attitude wherever permits

Attitude in the sense that all the software testers will have a very good positive attitude as if the functionality works with positive scenarios then definitely you will not be a good tester, you will be just called a tester. Testers must break the attitude where positive testing alone will not bring quality to the software, it must be equally tested with negative testing only. Then the software will not function what it should not. This will protect the software application from hacking and other misuse.

Wear a Mask of Client

Wear a Mask of Client

This is why it is supposed to be, only then the project will be concentrated 100% and its effectiveness and the result will be 100% as expected. Testers are not to be considered in business viewpoint, instead they need to work from requirements gathering until user acceptance testing. The tester should not be validating alone, instead they must research and improve up to the current trend along with the quality.

Satisfy the end-user

A tester must not only consider quality on the requirements but also should sit in the position of the end-user and think of how happy they become when using the application. It must be user-friendly. Ease of access must be checked.

Never Ever Compromise Quality


This will be one of the most important thing: character, skill, inner thought and instinct that every tester must have should never compromise on quality and the standards. If they do so then the product/outcome will definitely not be a good one. Whatever situation may be deployed in an hour, if the quality is not good, reject them or make them fix the bug without any compromise or fear, only then people will be called a professional tester. If the client finds bugs/issues then that is what the testers and testing profession is meant to be. Be a King of quality.

Organization of works

Organization of works

If a project's duration is a weak, then definitely a tester will be given a day or less than that for testing, meanwhile a tester must plan, write a test case if needed, execute test cases and report the bugs produced. Here is where a tester must show the quality where he/she must prioritize and organize the work. If there are, say for example 500 bugs to be tested within a short span of time, then give priority to the important bugs and sort them out, execute them. It is said that “Test for quality and not for quantity”. It's necessary to prioritize the major bugs, important functionalities and test them thoroughly for the smooth run of the application.

Trust no one except you

This is not just a concept, but a method, a tester must hear from everyone, whatever they say, what they all say, but the decision must be taken from inside a tester. Say for example, a developer will say this specific field is a hidden field since because blah blah blah, you need to hear them patiently without arguing and need to analyze whether it is correct or not. If suits agree, if not, report it as a bug. When a failure happens in the software no one will answer except the tester, so we must be very careful about the decisions that we take on.


Bug reporting

Bug-reporting must be effective because when as a professional tester we must add other details where, which case, what place, which situation the bug occurs so that the developers will easily identify the problem, instead it will be a waste of time for them due to poor bug reporting. Sample bug reporting features are:

  • Description
  • Procedure to reproduce
  • Expected Result
  • Actual result
  • Provide screen shots if applicable

This will draw the attention of the project management and reduce the time for analyzing the bugs.

Test with an Objective

Test with a Objective

When we start testing we must relax and feel comfortable. There must not be any sort of feelings that we understand software very well, a professional tester will think that he does not understand what has been created and how it looks. Without any expectation a tester must start his/her task only then we can find as much bugs, see the quality on them.

Communication and Verbal skills

A good tester quality will express the bugs, ideas and other things in proper English where anyone who reads understands without any mistakes. This is the industry where if you say “He killed She” they will understand as “She killed He”. So we must not make mistakes with verbal skills as well as in our communications. Moreover a tester must provide demonstration to the team, stakeholders and so on.

Testing transparency

Testing transparency

Many of these days some things are not transparent and only then are various problems created. For quality in testing we must follow transparency in testing. The test case must be covered 100% without any missing of test cases and similarly if a bug is found whether major/minor it must be reported. Similarly retesting and regression testing must be done without any hesitation or laziness.

Raise after validation

Raise after validation

When a tester finds a bug then he is the most happiest man in that place, but when its denied at the developers end with some technical reasons then the tester will be considered to be a bad tester with bad quality. So validate a bug more that two times with all possibilities and if again it happens then report it. These all will raise the quality of testers. This indicates that the person will report only valid bugs and will never inform us anonymously.

Improve skills not day by day but second-by-second

Improve skills

A good tester will have a very good analyzing skill as well as imaginary skill that will only fetch you to think positively as well as negatively. Learn from the mistakes and other colleagues if they have encountered any issues in their project because you may also can encounter them one day. Debugging skills must be unique, we must ask questions to the developers, stakeholders and business analysts.


Never negotiate with anyone on quality, if you think it's a defect then report it immediately or open a ticket. If not just leave them. A good quality tester must be sharp, observing, attentive, bold enough and needs to be the King of quality as though we are the owner for quality. Thus I have added some of the qualities of a tester/QA for your reference.

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