Remove unwanted Apps from Windows 10

Windows 10 has many new and interesting features. Previous versions of Windows required the Control Panel to uninstall a desktop program. You can now use the Start menu or the settings app to uninstall unnecessary Apps. Whenever we want to remove unnecessary apps installed in our system, we move to the Control Panel but Windows 10 provides an alternative for removing apps directly from the Apps and features tab in the system section.
The following is the procedure to show how to remove unnecessary apps from Windows 10.
There are the following two ways to remove unnecessary apps:

  1. With the Start Menu
  2. With Setting App

With the Start Menu
The simplest way to remove apps is from the Start Screen. Press the Windows key on your keyboard or click the icon on the system's screen. At the Start Screen, go to the app that you want to remove and click the right button of your mouse or track pad and look at the lower-right corner, the third option will be uninstall, click on it. Some apps can't be removed (like Notepad), so you might not see the uninstall option.
Figure: Start Menu
With Setting App

Step 1
At first click on the Windows icon and the Settings option will open the Settings tab.

Figure: Settings

Step 2

In the Settings tab there is a System icon. Click on it.

Figure: System category symbol

Step 3

After clicking on the system category icon a new window of the system will be shown on the screen. On the left side bar you can see many options, click on Apps and features.
Figure: Apps and features window
Step 4
This will open the Apps and features tab. In this tab you can look for for any app. All you must do is to type its name and it will appear on the screen by choosing the first option. You can also sort various apps by their name, size and date using the second option.
Figure: Search Sort and Filter the Apps

Step 5

Now, scroll down to the bottom to see all the apps running in your system. You can directly uninstall these apps just by clicking on them and then pressing Uninstall. The apps in your system by default cannot be uninstalled.
Figure: Uninstall the apps in the system window

This is the easiest way to remove unnecessary apps from Windows 10 and boost your system's speed.

This article showed how to remove unnecessary apps in Windows 10.

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