Converting Between ASCII Character and Code in PHP


In this article I will explain converting between ASCII characters and codes in PHP. I want to retrieve the ASCII code corresponding to a specified character. So I will use the two important functions "chr()" and "ord()" for retrieving the ASCII code. First of all I will discuss the chr() function in PHP.




Parameter Description
ASCII Required an ASCII value.

This function returns the specified character.


The chr() function returns the character for the specified ASCII value and this function is the complement of ord().


$str = "The string ends in escape: ";

$str .= chr(27);

//Often this is more useful

$str = sprintf("The string ends in escape: %c", 27);

echo $str;


The printf() function returns a formatted string with a format string of "%c".

chr() function in php.jpg



// define ASCII code

$str1 = 65;

$str2 = 66;

$str3 = 67;

$str4 = 68;

$str5 = 69;

$str6 = 60;

$str7 = 61;

$str8 = 62;

$str9 = 63;

// retrieve character

$char1 = chr($str1);

$char2 = chr($str2);

$char3 = chr($str3);

$char4 = chr($str4);

$char5 = chr($str5);

$char6 = chr($str6);

$char7 = chr($str7);

$char8 = chr($str8);

$char9 = chr($str9);

echo $char1."<br>";

echo $char2."<br>";

echo $char3."<br>";

echo $char4."<br>";

echo $char5."<br>";

echo $char6."<br>";

echo $char7."<br>";

echo $char8."<br>";

echo $char9."<br>";



chr() function in php1.jpg

Next, I will discuss the ord() function in PHP. The ord() function converts an ASCII code to a character. The chr() function returns the ASCII value of the first character of the string.




Parameter Description
string Required the string to get an ASCII code value.

Returns the ASCII value as an integer.



// define character

$char1 = "\r";

$char2 = "\t";

$char3 = "\n";

$char4 = "A";

$char5 = "a";

$char6 = "Z";

$char7 = "z";

// retrieve ASCII code

$asc1 = ord($char1);

$asc2 = ord($char2);

$asc3 = ord($char3);

$asc4 = ord($char4);

$asc5 = ord($char5);

$asc6 = ord($char6);

$asc7 = ord($char7);

echo 'ASCII value of \r  is ' . $asc1."<br>";

echo 'ASCII value of \t  is ' . $asc2."<br>";

echo 'ASCII value of \n  is ' . $asc3."<br>";

echo "ASCII value of A  is $asc4"."<br>";

echo "ASCII value of a  is $asc5"."<br>";

echo "ASCII value of Z  is $asc6"."<br>";

echo "ASCII value of z  is $asc7"."<br>";



ORD() function in php.jpg

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