Success Requires Continuity

I was asked a question at a young startup community, “What is the one mistake young professionals should avoid”?

Most of us have heard the story of The Tortoise and The Hare in which a slow but steady turtle beats the fast but arrogant rabbit in the race.

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This is not just a story. This is real life. In our real lives, we can be the hare or the tortoise.

Since 2000, C# Corner has become home to millions of developers and programmers. 15 years later, the community still stands tall. Many people ask me what is the key to C# Corner's success?


C# Corner may be slow but is a steady turtle.

In my 17 years of an IT career, I've seen many ups and downs. I've seen many rising and falling stars. I have seen authors come to C# Corner and become famous. Some became MVPs, some became published authors. Some got good jobs and salaries. But then they disappear.

“…to reach skies, we must not stop on a mountain”

This is what some of the young guys don't understand. They don't understand that success requires continuity. Success requires continuous and steady work.

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If you want to reach the skies, you must not stop at a mountain.

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