Sharepoint 2010 - New Feature - How to use Audio and Video Webpart

In this article I will show you how to use Audio and Video multimedia webpart.  This web part is newly added to Sharepoint 2010. It is a Silverlight based inbuilt webpart which can be used for viewing Video as well as audio file.

The good thing about this web part is that it supports all the video formats which are supported by Silverlight. This web part does not support flash video. If you want to use flash video in Sharepoint 2010 then you need to use some other mechanism. 

Let's see how we can use Audio and Video Webpart.

Step 1: Go to Site Actions and click on New Page.

Step 2:  Give a name to new page and click on create button.

Step 3: Go to Site actions and click on edit page.

Step 4: Now under the Editing Tool tab click on Insert button. After clicking on it you will see Video and Audio option in Media category. Click on it as shown in the below screen shot.

Step 5: The Video and Audio webpart will look like as shown in the below screen shot.

Step 6: Click on the "Click here to configure" link present in the center of the Media webpart and some configuring options will come in the Ribbon.

Step 7: Click on change media option and select the video/Audio location that you want to upload and show in Video and audio webpart. And if you want to change the front image of your Audio and Video webpart than click on Change Image link and select the Image.

Step 8: After specifying all the configuration click on save button and you will be able to see your video in Video and Audio webpart.

Step 9:

Now your webpart will look like this as shown below. Click on play button and enjoy tour video.


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