Adding Hyperlink in Data view web part

In this article I am showing how to make hyperlink in Data view web part. Normally when you create a Data view web part of a list it will just display the items from that list. There are some situations you need to add hyperlink, when you click on it will open the List item. 
  1. First of all you have to open your web application in share point designer. Open the page where you want to insert data view

  2. Click on Insert --> Share point Control --> Data view

  3. From the Data source library select the list you want to add to data view web part and click on Show data

  4. Select the fields you want to insert to Data View

  5. You will get a Data View as shown below

  6. Select on the Title field you will get the drop down as shown below

  7. From the Format as drop down select Hyperlink
  8. Click ok you will be prompted with below popup
  9. Click on  first Function button marked on red and select Title from the pop up as shown below

  10. In the Address Section you have to give the URL of the List  with display from till id= as shown below

  11. Then click on the button marked RED

  12. Select ID from the next pop up as shown above
  13. Click OK. Save the changes and Check in the page
  14. You have done .Now go to the page where you inserted data view webpart.

  15. You can see the Title now becomes the Hyperlink Clicking on it will  open the Display page congaing that item.
  16. Alternatively you can open the same in Editpage also by replacing DispForm.aspx with EditForm.aspx

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