How to enable Anonymous access in SharePoint 2010

In this article I am showing you how to enable anonymous access in SharePoint 2010.It is somewhat similar to SharePoint 2007 anonymous access configuration but some changes are there in the user interface. It has two steps. This will be useful if you are planning to have a public facing internet site.

Step I: Central Administration Changes

1. Open your SharePoint Central Administration


2. Click on Manage web applications

3. There you can see the list of your web applications

4. Select your web application as shown below

5. Then click on Authentication Providers


6. You will get a popup as shown below


7. Click on the Default 


8. Select the check box for Enable Anonymous access

9. Click Save

Step 2: Site level changes

1. Now go to your site collection or web application where you want to enable anonymous access

2. Click on Site Actions-->Site Permissions

3. From the top select Anonymous Access

4. You will get a popup as shown below 

5. You can select any of the option from the below screen I have chosen Entire web site 

6. Click ok.

7. You are done


8. You can set anonymous policy also from the SharePoint central administration

9. From the SharePoint central administration --> Manage web application. Select your web application and click on Anonymous policy


10. You can set the policy if you want 

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