What's possible with an integrated DevOps environment

See how Microsoft’s development platform of Visual Studio Enterprise, Xamarin, Azure App Services, and Azure Service Fabric can support cross-fabric mobile applications. This solution offers innovative mobile back-ends that support offline data and push notification with single sign-on, as well as an integrated development environment that allows for plan, build, test, deploy, operate, and monitor across Dev and Ops, connecting business data and LOB apps to mobile.
Join this webcast presented by Stephen Jeffries , Technical Solutions Professional , Microsoft, to learn how to:
  • Understand how robust and integrated mobile back-ends can be across build, test, deploy, operate, and monitoring - and enable this type of development environment to holistic applications that drive success and customer SAT
  • Create cross-platform mobile applications, targeting every device
  • Learn about key executables available, including single-sign-on, offline data sync, and push notifications
Happy Azure Coding!