C# Corner Frequently Asked Questions
What is C# Corner?
C# Corner is an online social community for IT professionals and developers to exchange their knowledge and experience using various methods such as contributing articles, forums, blogs, and videos. C# Corner reaches 3+ million monthly users worldwide.
Why should I join C# Corner?
  • Stay up to date with latest technologies and tech news.
  • Build a professional network, meet, and interact with similar like minded people and professionals to learn from.
  • Find a solution for your problem through forums.
  • To have a place to brainstorm new ideas with others.
  • To go beyond and the basics and get deeper information.
  • To fulfill a desire or get closer to a dream or goal through jobs.
  • To network and make meaningful connections.
  • To get closer to a guru and be able to ask questions and get advice through career advice section.
  • To get training videos and interactive content.
  • Get content which is fresh and updated regularly.
  • Lots of downloadable content like eBooks, tools, source codes, and code snippets.
What is a C# Corner MVP?
C# Corner MVP is a recognition given to authors for contributing through articles, forums, blogs, and videos etc.
What is the criteria for getting C# Corner MVP?
There is no specific criteria for getting C# Corner MVP. Contributions in any form whether through articles, forums, blogs, videos or others like speaking are considered when selecting MVP. C# Corner MVP is selected bi-yearly. 
How do I request a new category?
C# Corner community is open to all technologies. If you do not see a category
What is the difference between “Save & finish later” and “Finish Now”? 
“Save & finish later” allows you to save your content and ready to be published later. Whereas, “Finish Now” lets authors contents ready to be published immediately.
Why is my post shows status "Pending”?
Any content enters the “pending” state when you have submitted your content and waiting to be published. The content is with the editorial team and passing through different stage of approval.
What is the difference between articles and blogs?
Blogs are short whereas articles are longer than 300 words with well-developed and detailed information on subjects. Articles should also have fully explained code contents.
How much time it will took for my content to go live
 Most contents take approx. 24 hours to go live in C# Corner. On weekends or holidays it might take more time to publish contents.
Where do I see my submitted contents?
How I know when my contents are published?
All contents submitted which adhere C# Corner guidelines gets published and authors notified via email OR website notification.
If we find major corrections in contents submitted, we alert authors via email OR website messages.
Reputation, Rank, and Read
How do I earn reputation?
You gain reputation when you make contributions including posting articles, tips, blogs, forums, news, and resources. You also earn points by posting questions on forums, answering questions, posting comments about articles, and replying article comments. Complete list of membership ranking points criteria are listed here>>.
What is a Member Ranking?
A member ranking represents the contribution and status of a member on the site. C# Corner ranking is based on the point earned by a user from his/her contributions.
How I can be member of the month?
We recognize your accomplishments by selecting a member of the month. Member of the month is selected by C# Corner Core Team for outstanding contributions, not necessarily top contributor for the month.
What is VIP member? How do I become a VIP member?
VIP membership offers you a great many benefits in comparison to other C# Corner members. C# Corner Core Team nominate them based on their writing capabilities and knowledge on the subject. VIP member’s contributions go LIVE without the need of approval process.
C# Corner Chapters
How can I start a chapter?
Contact C# Corner Chapter Management Team at chapters@c-sharpcorner.com for the same.
Who can be a chapter leader, chapter members, and executive member?
Contact the Chapter Management Team at chapters@c-sharpcorner.com to become a C# Corner Chapter Leader.
How I can be speaker?
Start contributing in the C# Corner via posting articles, blogs etc.. The management will give you the opportunity sooner they find your contributions good and consistent.
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