C# Corner Frequently Asked Questions

What is C# Corner?
C# Corner is an online community of software professionals and data developers who exchange their knowledge via articles, blogs, videos, and forums. C# Corner was founded by Mahesh Chand in January 2000 to provide a platform for software professionals to share their experience with the world and help other fellow developers write better code in less time. Today, C# Corner reaches over 5 million monthly visitors and covers various software, data, and IT topics.
Why should I join C# Corner?
C# Corner’s mantra is "Learn, Network, Share, Mentor, and Get Recognized." In other words, improve, get better, and grow in your professional life.
The majority of the C# Corner users come to learn coding and data development via articles, blogs, and videos. You can also ask questions on the forums.
C# Corner is an online social media platform for software and data professionals. Here you can connect with other professionals, follow industry leaders, and communicate with them via messaging, events, and webinars.
If you’re a thought leader and influencer in the space, you may want to help the next generation by sharing your experience in the form of articles, blogs, videos, answering forum questions, speaking via Webinars, chapter events, and conferences. C# Corner also allows experts to write, publish, and promote whitepapers, eBooks, and online trainings.
Mentorship is another aspect where industry leaders can give back to the community. You can mentor members by writing posts, talking with them online, or speaking at conferences and events.
Get Recognized
C# Corner recognizes its contributors as C# Corner Most Valuable Professionals (MVPs). Not only does C# Corner promote its MVPs to millions of its members online and though social media, C# Corner also helps them connect to real-world professionals and businesses.
What is a C# Corner MVP?
C# Corner MVP is a recognition given to C# Corner members and authors for contributing through articles, forums, blogs, videos, and speaking.
What is the criteria for getting C# Corner MVP?
There are no specific criteria for the C# Corner MVP award. Contributions in any form, whether through articles, forums, blogs, videos or others, such as speaking, are considered when selecting an MVP. C# Corner MVPs are selected for the contributions they've made during the previous 12 months.
How do I request a new category?
The C# Corner community is open to all technologies. If you do not see a category, you may request one. However, creating a new category requires a number of new articles.
What is the difference between “Save & finish later” and “Finish Now”?
“Save & finish later” allows you to save your content that you’re currently working on to be published later; whereas, “Finish Now” lets the author's contents ready to be published immediately.
Why is my post showing the status "Pending”?
Any content enters the “pending” status when you have submitted your content and it's waiting to be published. The content is with the editorial team and passing through different stage of approval.
To get your content published faster, please read Author Guidelines available in My Account.
What is the difference between articles and blogs?
Blogs are short whereas articles are longer than 500 words. Articles are well written with an introduction, code examples, images, and summary. Please see the "Author Guidelines" document in My Account.
How much time it will take for my content to go live?
If you’ve written a quality article or blog and followed the Author Guidelines, your content should be published within 24 hours. However, if your content needs review and editing, it might take much longer depending on the workload, amount of pending content, and the quality of your content.
How do I know when my post is published?
Once your post is approved, it will go live, and you will get a notification and email of the approval. Please make sure to add C# Corner support email to your safe senders list.
How do I earn a reputation?
You gain a reputation for contributing on the C# Corner website. Contributions include posting articles, blogs, videos, answering forum questions, posting news, and speaking via webinars and chapters. You also earn points by posting questions on forums, answering questions, posting comments about articles, and replying to article comments. The complete list of membership ranking points criteria are listed here.
What is a Member Ranking?
A member ranking represents the contributions and the status of a member on the platform. C# Corner ranking is based on several criteria including contributions, quality of posts, shares, likes, comments, and several other parameters.
How I can be a member of the month?
We recognize your accomplishments by selecting a member of the month. The member of the month is selected by the platform based on the quality, number of views, likes, shares, and a voting system.
What is a VIP member? How do I become a VIP member?
VIP members are selected members who do not need any quality check on their content.
What are C# Corner Chapters?
C# Corner chapters are local user groups founded by C# Corner members in their respective cities. C# Corner chapters often organize monthly events, meetups, and online webinars.
Each chapter has a Chapter Lead, who is responsible for running the chapter with chapter executive members. C# Corner Chapter Leads are MVPs who have been involved on C# Corner platform for a while and have earn a reputation of being responsible community members and have managerial and public speaking skills.
How can I start a chapter?
To start a local C# Corner chapter, you must be a C# Corner MVP with at least 4 local members who are authors and contributors on the platform. Once you have this team, you may contact us via email to learn more about chapters.
How I can become a speaker?
C# Corner MVPs often get a chance to speak at chapter events.
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