Programming Languages for Mobile Apps Development

Make hay while the sun shines. There will not be a better time to create mobile apps than now, demand for mobile applications has increased rapidly over the last few years and would continue for the years to come. Android and iOS are the leading platforms in the market and the official programming languages for native apps development are Java and Swift (& Objective-C) respectively.

Mobile apps development using native languages is not always the best option, and for that reason, individual app developers as well as organizations use C#, JavaScript, C++ and other languages for hybrid and cross platform mobile apps development.

Some of the key factors that influence choice of a specific programming language over the other include –

  • Overall mobile app development strategy - native, cross platform, hybrid etc.
  • Skill set of the development team
  • Target app users
  • Intended platform support
  • Specific needs of the application.
  • App category – Utility, games, B2B or B2C etc.

There are many programming languages used for mobile app development these days including Java, C++, C#, JavaScript, Swift and Objective C to name a few.

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