Connecting Azure Hosted Website To FTP

Here are the steps connecting Azure Hosted Website to FTP:

Stop: Stopping the virtual server

Restart: It will restart the server if something gone wrong

Mange Domains:
If upgrade from free account to basic or standard account you can manage your domains here.

Delete: It will delete entire website.

WebMatrix: To link website to WebMatrix.

If you click on website you will be taken in dashboard where different operations are available,


Monitor: Graphical representation of request, cuptime, data in, data out.

Configure: Change the language setting version used.

: Automatic task that are scheduled will be discussed in upcoming articles.

Scaling: More than one instance of website can be created to balance load.

Linked Resources

This will show how the resources are attached. You will see the cleardb database if you click on it will redirect you to cleardb website and you will be automatically logged into account created by azure for you. You can view performance and other configurations of your database.



Connecting FTP

If we want to view files of our WordPress in order to change configuration setting, upload content or to make backup.

For this we have to set some deployment credentials in Microsoft Azure so that Azure verifies that we are authorized to make changes.

For this go to Management portal select website. Dashboard of app will be opened. If not, click on setup deployment credentials.


You will be asked to choose username and password to access website from git or ftp,


And hit tick button.

Scroll the portal and you will see ftp setting.


There are different ftp applications but we are using FileZilla that can be downloaded from here.

FileZilla Client is a fast and reliable cross-platform FTP, FTPS and SFTP client with lots of useful features and an intuitive graphical user interface.

Download and open FileZilla and it will look like this.



Put FTP HOSTNAME in host

FTP username in Username and Password in password.

After you click 'Quickconnect' you will be logged in to server and can access all files of website.


In order to avoid entering username and password again and again you can use,


Click site and then wwwroot folder where actual website exist.

If you are familiar with WordPress you can make any change and it will also be reflected on azure website. Try it out.

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