Quick Access and Add Files to One Drive in Windows 10

To access files or folders faster to which you've been working on, you must look for the shortest way to open it, or you choose the shortest path where the folder is saved. In Windows 10 there is something called a Quick Access page to where you can pin your desired folder, so that you have very fast access.

Pin to Quick Access

If you wish to see your work (folder) on Quick Access, press the folder that you want it to be pinned to and right-click then select Pin to Quick Access.

Your folder will then pinned to Quick Access with a Pin icon on the left from where you can access your folder.

Adding files to One Drive from File Explorer

First you must be sign in your PC with your Microsoft account and only then will you be eable to get your One Drive files from File Explorer. Let's play with One Drive..

To add files from File Explorer to One Drive, use the following procedure.

In File Explorer, drag and drop your files into One Drive.

The file will be saved in the One Drive Files folder.

Saving Files to One Drive

any file you want to save in One Drive then click Save as then provide the file location to One Drive. You can save a file in Word, Excel or another app.

Similary you can access the file from One Drive to your File Explorer.

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