Approval Content For The Sharepoint 2010 Custom List Items

Let's see how to create an Approval Content for the Sharepoint Custom List Items 2010.

Step 1: Open the Sharepoint site eg: http://sharepoint2010

Step 2: Go to the Site Actions ->More Options-> create a custom list

Step 3: Once you have created a custom list on the Ribbon go to the List settings and then click Versioning Settings.

Step 4: In the Content Arrovel click Yes for Require content approval for submitted items?  then click the Ok button.

Step 5: Add New Item in that custom list; it says "Items on this list require content approval. Your submission will not appear in public views until approved by someone with proper rights. More information on content approval".  Click save.

Step 6: After adding a new item it will be in the pending status still Approver of the site will approve.

Step 7: As a approve of the site once Approved then the list item is view by Public.

Step 8: Once the new item is approved (show the status is approved) and then it will be view in public.

That's it.

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