How to Take Backup From SQL Azure

For the last few weeks I've been struggling to take a backup of a SQL Azure DB. I believe many of you might have encountered this issue.

As per my knowledge and enquiries I have come to understand that, to take a backup from SQL Azure you need to have Azure management portal access.

But just now I found a great innovative trick to take a backup from SQL Azure.

Here is the simple guide for "How to take backup from SQL Azure".


  • SQL Server 2012
  • A high speed Internet Connection

Step 1: Open Management Studio and login to your SQL Azure account.

Management Studio and login

I believe you'd be seeing your Object Explorer like this (of course with a different database list, if you are not in my project :D).

Object Explorer

Step 2: Now right-click on the DB for which you want to take a backup, then click on "Tasks" -> "Deploy Database to SQL Azure".

Deploy Database to SQL Azure

Step 3: Now you will be seeing a window like the following.

Deployment Database Window

Click on 'Next'

Deployment Setting

Click on "Connect".

A window like the following will pop up.

Deployment Setting with Login

Login to your local SQL Server instance.

After successfully logging in you'll see a window like the following.

Successfully login window

Click "Next".

Deployment Setting summary

Click "Finish".

Now your SQL Azure DB will start deploying to your local SQL Server.

SQL Azure DB Deploying

Step 4: After successful deployment to your local SQL Server, you can simply take a backup as you do for a normal DB.

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