Linking the Issues in JIRA Tool in Testing

Issue Linking allows a user to create an association among two or more issues. For example:

  • An issue may duplicate another issue.
  • An issue may depend on another issue.
  • An issue may be a superset of another issue.

In an issue, links to other issues look like this:


Strikethrough text indicates the issues that have been resolved. E.g. in the above screenshot, issues JIRA-800, JRA-1186, JRA-1244 and JRA-715 have been resolved, while JRA-652 and JRA-701 are still in active mode.

How to create a link between issues:
  1. Click on the issue from which you want to create a link. That link will open.
  2. Click on the "Link" icon under the Operations menu in the left-hand column of the screen.

    The "Link Issue" window will open. Now select the type of link you want to create and the issue to be linked to, as in:


  3. The user can link to a single or to multiple issues. We can specify issues in two ways.

Type the full issue key (e.g. ABC-123) or if you want to link multiple issues, a list of issue keys separated by commas. And if the user has previously browsed an issue, then he can find the issue number by:

  • typing the first few letters of the issue key, which will display issue keys in a drop-down list, as in:


  • clicking on the "History" dropdown, at the top right of the page and selecting the desired issue, as in:


Click on the "Select Issue" and the "Issue Selector" popup window will open that allows the user to select either from issues returned from your chosen saved search filter, or from issues recently viewed.

  • To select a single issue, click on the issue key.
  • To select multiple issues, click the "Select multiple issues" link. Checkboxes will open, enabling the user to choose multiple issues.


Select the issues, then click the "Select issues" link to close the popup and return to the "Link Issue" form. After that click on the "Link" button.

How to delete a link:
  1. Under a linked issue, click on the "Manage Links" link.
  2. In the following screen, click on the small trash icon in the bottom-right corner.



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