How to Connect to a SQL Server Database Using LightSwitch Visual Studio 2012

How to Connect to Data

In LightSwitch, we can easily connect to existing data or to data tables that we create.

To provide data to a LightSwitch application, we can either connect to an existing data source such as a SQL Server database, or we can create tables in the SQL Server Express database that is included in LightSwitch.

We can connect to data by connecting:

  • through a SQL Server Database
  • to a SharePoint List
  • to an Open Data (OData) Service
  • to a Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) Rich Internet Application (RIA) Service

We can then use this data to create screens and queries in Visual Studio LightSwitch 2012.

How to Connect to a SQL Server Database

Step 1

Open the Solution Explorer.

Image 1


Step 2

In the Solution Explorer, click on the "Data Sources" option.

Image 2


Step 3

On the Project Menu, click on Add Data Source option.

Image 3

add data src.jpg

Step 4

The Attach Data Source Wizard appears.

Image 4

attach data src wiz.jpg

Step 5

Choose a Data Source Type, in other words from where the application gets the data, then click on the "Database" option and then click "Next".

Image 5

attach data src wiz.jpg

Step 6

The "Choose Data Source" dialog box appears.

Image 6

choose data src.jpg

Step 7

Click on "Microsoft SQL Server" and click on the "Continue" button.

Image 7

microsoft sql server.jpg

Step 8

The "Connection Properties" dialog box will appear.

Image 8


Step 9

In the Server name box of the Connection Properties dialog box, choose the name of the SQL Server.

Image 9


Step 10

In order to logon to the server you can either click on Windows Authentication or click on "Use SQL Server Authentication". If you click on "Use SQL Server Authentication" then provide the user name and word of a user who has access to the database.

Image 10


Step 11

In order to connect to the Database click "Select" or enter a Database name. In the drop down list select the name of the database.

Image 11


Step 12

Test The Connection; for that click on the "Test Connection" button.

Image 12


Step 13

A Microsoft Visual Studio dialog box is shown and click "OK".

Image 13


Step 14

When we click OK in the Connection Properties dialog box, "Choose Your Database Object" is shown.

Image 14


Step 15

In the Choose your Database Objects page, select the tables that we want to use in our LightSwitch application, and then click "Finish".

Image 15


Step 16

The database and tables that we selected appear in the Solution Explorer.

Image 16


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