Types of Views in Solution Explorer in LightSwitch 2012

Here we will see the various types of views in the Solution Explorer using LightSwitch Visual Studio 2012.

Types of Views in Solution Explorer using LightSwitch

1. Logical View

2. File View

Procedure showing various views in Solution Explorer.

Step 1

Open the LightSwitch Application in Visual Studio 2012 and go to the Solution Explorer.

sol ex.jpg

Right-click on Data Sources and choose "Add Table".

Add table.jpg

The table appears in the table designer window. Insert the records in the following table.


Step 2

Now once again go to the Solution Explorer, right-click on Screens and choose "Add Screen".

Add src.jpg

The Add New Screen dialog box appears. Select the "New Data Screen" from the Screen Template, under screen information, choose "Employee" under screen data and provide some name to the Screen and click the "OK" button.

new src.jpg

The Screen Designer appears as shown below.

src desi.jpg

Step 3

Once again go to the Solution Explorer, click on the project's view dropdown button, a drop down list will appear.

logical and file view.jpg

Step 4

Logical View is one in which we do not care for anything but we only want to get the job completed in one way or the other.


Step 5

File View is one in which we want to see each and every step of completing the job. 

File View.jpg

This is the only difference between Logical View and File View that I have described in this article.

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