Splash Screen For Windows Forms Application C#

What is Splash Screen?

From the Wikipedia:

"A splash screen is an image that appears while a game or program is loading." ... "Splash screens are typically used by particularly large applications to notify the user that the program is in the process of loading." ... "A splash screen disappears when the application's main window appears." ... "Since splash screens often increase the wait for the desired content and may take a long time to load, they are not liked by all users."

Examples of splash screens in SQL Server 2008 and Microsoft Excel:

Splash Screen in SQL Server
Actually when a splash screen is displayed, various processes are running/starting behind the scenes. In this article we will create a simple splash screen step-by-step but we will not run or create any progress bar or load any process.

Let's Begin

1. Create a new project in Visual Studio as in the following:

Create New Project
2. I created a simple Hello World application (MainForm.cs) that will be shown after the splash screen.

Hello world application
3. Add another form that will be used as the splash screen for this project as in the following:

Add another form

4. Change the Border style of the SplashSreen form to none.

Border style of SplashSreen form
 5. Change the start position to the center of the screen so the splash screen displays in the center of the screen.

start position
6. Add a PictureBox to the SplashScreen form using the toolbox. Actually I am using an image for the splash screen (you can try something different).

Add Picture box to SplashScreen form

 image for the splash screen
7. Go to the file program.cs that contains the Main() method and make sure that the program starts with the SplashScreen form.

Application.Run(new SplashScreen());

8. Go to the SplashScreen.cs for the form, click on "Events" and double-click on the "Shown" event as in the following:

SplashScreen.cs form, click on Events
9. Add this code:

//Use timer class

 Timer tmr;

 private void SplashScreen_Shown(object sender, EventArgs e)


      tmr = new Timer();

     //set time interval 3 sec

     tmr.Interval = 3000;

     //starts the timer


     tmr.Tick += tmr_Tick;


 void tmr_Tick(object sender, EventArgs e)


     //after 3 sec stop the timer


     //display mainform

     Mainform mf = new Mainform();


     //hide this form



10. Go to the Events for the MainForm.cs form.

MainForm Events

 Double-click on the FormClosed Event and add this Code:

private void Mainform_FormClosed(object sender, FormClosedEventArgs e)


     //exit application when form is closed



Final Preview

Final Preview 

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