What is manifest file in Metro Style Application

In my previous post about windows (metro style application in asp.net 4.5), I showed you, what metro style application is and how you can build it using asp.net 4.5 in Visual Studio 2011. Metro application also has one file (you must have noticed) appmanifest.

Appmanifest is nothing it's a just manifest file of your metro application, it automatically added whenever you create a new project from metro application. Appmanifest file is an xml based file which contains all metadata information about the application such as version name; logo details file size, packaging and deployment settings etc.


Once you double click on appmanifest file you will see the following tabs


  • Application UI Tab - In this tab, you can set properties of your projects which can be used to identify your project later on.
  • Capabilities Tab - here you can define the capabilities of your application
  • Declaration Tab - you can use this tab to add declaration and specify their properties.
  • Packaging Tab - This is very important tab, which plays an important role at the time of deployment of your project, here you can set the properties that identify and describe your application at the time of deployment.

And the best part is Visual studio write xml for you by own.

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