Events in HTML5

Events in HTML5

Events | Reason of Use

Whenever a user visits your website or web page, he wants or you can say that he assumes that your website, portal, web pages and so on will be more user interactive and friendly in order to provide a healthy web environment over your website.

Events | Scripting Languages Used

These types of user interaction and functionalities are provided to your web pages using scripting languages. These provide several other functionalities too. Some useful scripting languages are:

  • JavaScript
  • VBScript

The functionalities of the events can be directly enabled in these scripting languages and can be used directly or indirectly.


Events | HTML5

There is a huge list of the events that are used in HTML5 for providing more facilities and support to the programmer as well as to the back end user. These events are as follows:

 Events in HTML5
Events in HTML52
Events in HTML53
Events in HTML54

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