10 Things Windows Phone Developers Should Know

Windows Phone Developers should know the following 10 things.

  1. Time to Move forward

    Hi all. Windows Phone developers, I recommend you to move forward from Silverlight to the Windows RT Framework. Microsoft might discontinue support of Silverlight aps. Windows 10 is based on the RT Framework.

  2. What UWP Means for Developers

    The Universal Windows Platform (UWP) allows you to develop apps that target the Windows device family (Windows PC, Windows Phone, Windows Tablet, Windows Surface and Xbox).

  3. One API for All

    Windows 10 introduced the “Develop Once and Use it For All” concept making it is easier to develop apps for UWP with one API and one package to reach all Windows 10 devices.

  4. Develop Once and Deploy to Multiple Devices

    Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.1 introduced the idea of Universal Windows Store apps allowing you to share a codebase for Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.1. Now with Windows 10 your apps are developed once and can will target multiple device families.

  5. Choose your Programming Language

    In Windows 10 developers can choose the programming language C#, Visual C++, VB and JavaScript. For C#, Visual C++ and VB you can use XAML as the native UI experience and for JavaScript you can use HTML.

  6. Port Existing Windows 8.1 App to UWP

    Already existing Windows 8.1 apps can be ported to Windows 10 using UWP and have then run on all Windows 10 devices.

  7. Migrate you App Using Visual Studio RC

    For already existing Universal Apps, using Visual Studio 2015 now Visual Studio 2015 RC is released that can rework your project using the core SDK for Visual Studio 2015 RC to migrate the app to Windows 10.

    For more details check out the following link:


  8. New Store for Windows 10

    Submitting to the Universal Windows App to store is not available for Windows 10 Insider Preview.

  9. Getting Ready for Windows 10

    Now you understand the Universal Windows Platform. Don't hesitate to download Windows 10 Preview and developer tools. Download and begin to familiarize yourself as Windows 10 developers.

  10. Windows Insider Program

    Join the Windows Insider Program and start building Universal Apps for Windows 10. To join the Windows Insider Program look at https://insider.windows.com/.

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