Item Level Permissions in SharePoint


You have a list to track expense claims. Multiple employees are using the same list. The following are the challenges:

  1. Employees should see only their items.

  2. Employees should not be able to edit other employee’s items.


Although using “views” will be the first solution you will think of, we can solve this using OOB and:

  • List Item Level Permissions


Create an Expense list as in the following screenshot:

Create an Expense

Open List Settings, then go to  Advanced Settings and choose the following options.

advanced setting page

Save the changes and test it out in the following way:

  1. Create 2 users
  2. Use 2 browsers
  3. Add one expense-item for each user
  4. You can see user-1 can see only his/her item
  5. The same applies to editing as well

When user 1 logs in:

edit in list

When user 2 logs in:

find new item

This feature is not available for Document Libraries.



This article explored an OOB way to manage item level permissions.

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