List With Content Type And Additional Columns In SharePoint


You have 2 lists of few common columns & few unique columns. In this case we may choose not to use content types.

But content type is advisable in this scenario too.

  • Add common columns to content type
  • Add specific columns to list level


The following would be the simplest solution in this case.

  1. Create a content type with common columns.
  2. Attach the content type to both lists.
  3. Remove the default content type of both lists.
  4. Add custom columns to each list at list level.


Go to Site Settings, then Content Types
Content Types
Create a content type with the following columns:

  • Title
  • PAN Number

Create a content type

Create a new list named Tax. Attach the content type to the list.

create a new list

Add a new item with values for Title & PAN Number.

Add a new item with values

You can see the item displayed in the following screenshot:

Add a new item

Now go to the List Settings, then Add a new column named Age. Now use the edit form to modify the previous item. You can see the Age column appears here.

item displayed

You can go to the List View settings to show the Age column in view mode too.

List View settings
Create the second list, add the content type and create another column. Here the same content type is reused for common columns & the custom columns are managed at list level.


Using content type for common scenario would save lot of time managing column modifications, behavior etc.


In this article we have explored a real world scenario of content types.

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