SharePoint Non-Functional Requirements

Non-Functional Requirements:

Non-Functional Requirements are additional to the Functional Requirements. Non-functional Requirements aka NFR contains the operational aspects of the application rather than the behavioral ones. Depending on your organization & processes:

  • There can be separate documents for Functional & Non-Functional requirements.
  • Or, It can be the same document.


Non-Functional Parameters:

The following are the important Non-Functional Parameters:

  1. Users
  2. Capacity
  3. Performance
  4. Sensitivity
  5. Scalability
  6. User Interface
  7. Availability
  8. Recoverability
  9. Security
  10. Interoperability

Let us see each category question in the following table. In the real-worlds scenario these questions need to be answered by the business team.

NFR Table

Item Value Example
Total Number of Users   1000
Total Number of Concurrent Users   100
User Locations   US, UK, Singapore
Peak Hours / Period   10 AM EST
Response Time for Home Pages   3 seconds
Response Time for Operational Pages   5 seconds
Response Time for Reporting Pages   10 seconds
Average Size of Documents   300 KB
Total Size of Database on Day-1   1 GB (SP have 200 GB limit)
Total Size of Database after Year-1   2 GB
Maximum Number of List items   2000 (SP have limit of 5000)
Sensitive Data Involved   If Yes, On-Premise deployment would be preferred so that data would not go outside.
Legal, Privacy, Copyrighted components/data involved    
Expected Growth % in Users per Year   20%
Expected Growth % in Database Size per Year   20%
User Interface    
Languages Supported   English Only
Devices Accessed   Mobile, Tablet, Desktop
Responsive Design Required    
Corporate Branding Required   Yes
Supported Browsers   IE 11, Chrome
Supported Operating Systems   Windows 7, 8, Android
User Roles - Activities   Administrators - Manager Users
Contributors - Create Content
Approvers - Approve / Reject
Viewers - Read Content
Depending Applications   Read/Write by HR
Dependent Applications   Read/Write from Sales
Availability %   99%
Restoration Period   12 hours


You may need to cross-check the NFR with SharePoint Boundary Limitations given in References.

For example:

  • The recommended max-size for site collection is 200 GB.
  • The default max-number of list items is 5000.



In this article we have explored the typical Non-Functional Requirements for a SharePoint project. The template document is attached with this article.

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