Synchronize Sitefinity to SharePoint

Sitefinity is a Content Management System from Telerik. Some existing customers are migrating content from Sitefinity to SharePoint. This article describes the built-in SharePoint Connector for Sitefinity.

The popularity ranking of Content Management Systems are:

  1. SharePoint
  2. DotNetNuke
  3. Sitefinity

Migrations happen from bottom-to-top.

Sitefinity Trial

You can download a trial from:


Sitefinity Trial Download

After Installation

Sitefinity has SharePoint like pages, lists and libraries. You can access the Home Page from the browser.

After Installation

The following is a screenshot of a page.

Screenshot of a page

The following is a screenshot of list items.

screenshot of list items
Permissions are similar to SharePoint.


SharePoint Connector

Sitefinity provides a built-in connector for SharePoint. 2-way Synchronization is possible through this approach. There is a 2-way connector to synchronize data between Sitefinity and SharePoint.

Connector for SharePoint

Testing Connector

From the Administration tab of the home page, choose "Connector for SharePoint".

Testing Connector

In the page that appears choose "Add a SharePoint Site".

Add a SharePoint Site

Choose the Document Library from SharePoint.

Choose the Synchronization Type and Interval.

Synchronization Type and Interval

After creating the connection choose the "Synchronize" option.


We can see that the SharePoint pre-existing libraries and documents are synchronized into Sitefinity.

libraries and documents

You can try the 2-way synchronization too. Add a document into Sitefinity and choose the Synchronize option. Refresh the SharePoint library to see the new document there.

Refresh the SharePoint library

This concludes our article on Sitefinity Synchronization to SharePoint.




In this article we explored the Sitefinity SharePoint Connector.

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