Using Excel Web Access Web Part in SharePoint

Excel Web Access Web Part

The following are the properties of Excel Web Access Web Part:

  • Used to display an Excel workbook in browser.
  • No need for Excel client application.
  • Excel workbook appearance can be customized.
  • Part of Excel Services.

Using Excel Web Access Web Part

Please use the following procedure to use an Excel Web Access Web Part.

Step 1: Create a Page

Open your site and create a new page and name it as Excel.

Create a Page

Step 2: Add Web Part

Edit the page and choose the insert a web part option. From the Business Data group choose the Excel Web Access web part.

Add Web Part

Step 3: Select File

Click on the link highlighted below.

Select File

In the tool pane select the Excel work that was uploaded to a Document Library.

document library

For the time being I am using a sample Excel file as shown below.

sample excel file

Step 4: Test Page

Click Ok to the tool pane and save changes to the page. You should be able to see the Excel file within SharePoint page as shown below.

Test Page

Please note the sheets as well. For downloading the file you can use the File > Save menu.

Save menu

Note: Please note that you don't require Microsoft Excel to be installed in the machine. Alle the Excel cells are rendered using Excel Services application and browser.

Prevent Download

Open the page in edit mode and choose the Edit Web Part option of the Excel web access web part. Uncheck the option Open in Excel, Download, Download a Snapshot.

Prevent Download

Save the changes and refresh the page. You should be seeing the Download options hidden now.



Overview of Excel Services in SharePoint Server 2013.


In this article we have explored how to use the Excel Web Access Web Part.

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