SharePoint Document Library Documents in Yammer Feeds

In this article, we will talk about the new collaborating feature, Document Libraries in Yammer. When I was browsing through my enterprise search, I noticed an option “POST” in the search results Hover Panel and it seemed to be an awesome social integration feature in Yammer.

Step 1:

  • Login into Office 365
  • Create an Enterprise Search Site collection

Site collection 

Step 2: Provide Search Terms in the Search Centre page.

Search Centre page

Step 3: Click on Post over the Hover Panel of the selected document.

Selected document

Step 4: Login with your Yammer Account.

Login with your Yammer Account

Login Successfully

Step 5: Tag the Person Names using the @ tag of whom you are interested in to have a look at the document.

Step 6: Now Click Post on the page.

Post on the page
Step 7: Now check your Yammer feed. You can start a valuable conversation on the uploaded document among your team members. 
Check your Yammer feed 

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